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*Mittens have moved house*


"Trebletastic" -John O, THE MUSIC ROOM
Welcome to the furry/fantastic/trebletastic world of  lo-fi  indierawkkids The Mittens!
The Mittens first imposed themselves upon the public consciousness right in the middle of the year that was 2001... As a two piece, Matt + Ian performed two songs acoustically on local radio station Stone FM ( 'Meet me After Dinner' and an untitled ditty that was to become 4-track fave 'Alyson Hannigan Stole My Heart'). The performance bemused presenter Martin Shaw, and no doubt, Stone's entire quota of people with nothing to do. After announcing on said show the need to recruit a drummer, Hix + Ian decided that an ad in guitar shops would be a much more fruitful method of achieving this aim than advertising on a radio station that nobody listens to......fastforward to August 2001, and the induction of Mr. Mark Powell into the Mittens odd and slightly dysfuntional family. One of Mark's previous bands had once been afforded the luxury of having one of their songs included on a 7" compilation- he was in!
Anyways, for the next 5 months or so, The Mittens hid themselves away from the unwelcoming outside world in Tower Rehearsal Studios, Stone. Here they plotted world domination and conceived imaginary record sleeves for the records they planned to release in their imaginations. As Easter 2002 approached, they decided to record some demos in a big scary studio (previous 4-track demos had been hampered by the poor quality of the microphones used during their committal to tape). Blue Chip Studios in Shelton, Stoke was selected, and this proved a rather fortuitous choice. Mr Steve Austin, producer and studio owner decided that he liked the Mittens so much he would offer them rehearsal space for free....The demo that arose from these debut sessions included a glamourous tale of vomiting on the floor at parties: 'I Love You To The Power Of Everything, Plus One', along with 'Sunglasses' and 'A Flag Is There To Defend'. All 3 tracks received airplay on the (much better than Stone FM) Redspot show on 106.7 Stafford FM (see The present day is almost upon us... After performing their first gig at the excellent Talbot rather recently, interest in the furry maelstrom that is The Mittens live experiece has heightened at an inconceivable velocity.... Look out for more records/gigs in the very near future....If you have managed to stay awake long enough to reach this point on the page, you are an absolute star! Thanks a lot to everyone who has supported us so far......xxxxx
Look out for the next (but one) issue of 'The Exclusive' fanzine (see links) CD onthefront may well contain some mitten candy


*Mittens have moved house*