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*Mittens have moved house*
I Love You To The Power Of Everything (Plus One)


My sweetheart is in the same room and
I'm being held in the arms of another girl
I don't even know
Why won't you just let me go?
Cos I love the girl who's standing by the coffee dispenser
Wearing saucy fishnets
On her skinny legs
She got a day job as a
Local rag journalist
Looking for a bit more
Than just column inches
Something else we can't give
When we're glued to the floor

She is the only girl who talks to me
Except for this one I can't seem to get off of me
Won't somebody help me?
And I don't care if she forgets to wash
All the dirt from her hair or if the alcohol stains don't come off
Her bestest clothes
When she puts them in the wash

Why has she come to me
When She knows full well
My love lies outside
In the corridor
Painting circles and stars
With her vomit

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