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Introducing The Band


Introducing The Band
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Those lovely mitten boys:
Rob harrison left the band. He played bass and guitar.
The mittens first appeared in public last summer, performing 2 acoustic tracks on the Martin Shaw show on local radio station Stone FM, namely 'Meet Me After Dinner' and 'Alyson Hannigan Stole My Heart'. Ian and Matt decided they needed a drummer- consequently, Mark was recruited by means of an ad in a music shop. Nowadays the band rehearse avidly so they can be really great when they do a gig. This Easter (April 2002) has been the most productive period in the brief history of the band, with demos being recorded at Blue Chip Studios in Stoke (some of which are currently being played on 106.7 Stafford FM), and the possible recruitment of a bass player. Yay!
Matt works in a bar at a big BT training place, and likes to read books and listen to MC5. Ian sits in his college library all day and likes to watch videos of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Mark works in a gift shop selling Lord Of The Rings merchandise etc., and has a dodgy car.
Before The Mittens, Ian and Matt were in an indie/rock band called Melatonin. Mark is returning to his indie roots after years playing in punk bands such as Typhoid Mary.
All of the above is completely true. No disclaimers here!
Most recently, tracks from our demo CD have been played on the REDSPOT show on 106.7 Stafford FM.