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*Mittens have moved house*


Stuff what we like...

THE "EXCLUSIVE" FANZINE : Stoke's finest tome of alternative stuff and general fanzine-ness. You may even find stuff written by Matty Mittens himself if you look hard enough.

THE MUSIC ROOM : The bestest record shop in the area. Loadsa second hand, rare and just generally ace records.

BLUE CHIP STUDIOS : The best goddamn studio in Staffordshire goddamit. Not just coz we rehearse there either.

RED SPOT MUSIC : If you're in a band go here now! A top organisation who help us out.

FUZZPOP RECORDS: Great label....7"s from the likes of the legendary AV, plus photographs.

AQUAVISTA : The kings of treble/reverbbbbb.

THE TRACK AND FIELD ORGANISATION: Go here if nowhere else! Buy music from Great Lakes/The Loves/Dressy Bessy/Saloon/Kicker/Tompaulin etc.etc...

GREAT LAKES: Californian scuzzy pop maestros (check out 'Conquistadors' 45 on Track And Field).

LIVID : They , like, rock. And they're our fwends, awwwwww.

URUSEI YATSURA : Sadly defunct lo-fi legends, but a new band is on the horizon featuring ex-members of Urusei. Visit this site for the lowdown.

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: the best tv program ever! Check out this unofficial site.

HEFNER: One of Ian's favourite bands, from London.

PRINCESS HEADBUTT: a bit like Stereolab, and rather, like, ace!

DROWNED IN SOUND: A fantastic E-Zine...check out The Mittens profile page!

KAYTRONIKA: Brilliant music site named after a Yatsura song!

DOUGLAS COUPLAND: Exceptional Canadian author -check out his novels, particularly 'Generation X' and 'Girlfriend In A Coma'.

NON RETURNABLE: Billy Feech's (see our guestbook) band.

CHRIS T-T: Songwriting genius- "it only took one match to burn down Kelly Jones"-oh yes!

THE TALBOT HOTEL, STOKE: The bestest venue in the world, ever!


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*Mittens have moved house*